Ruby Cubic Zirconia Rings: Five That Will Make You Proud

The super amazing thing about cubic zirconia in shades of ruby red is that it doesn’t even cost half as much as a real ruby ring. Red cubic zirconia is a synthetic that will be flawless the way a manufactured ruby would be (as opposed to the organic kind that are found.) You can expect very high shine, and that the CZ will be hard.

The price and value will depend on the metal a ruby red cubic zirconia is set into – obviously a platinum ring will be worth a lot, with or without a real ruby.

How do I tell a real ruby from a cubic zirconia?

The real telltale sign that your CZ isn’t a real gem (ruby, in this case) will be that it’s so flawless and real rubies can sometimes have a bit of a cloudy look in their depths.

While different types of rubies have various shades of coloring, most people assume that real rubies are close to a red brick/rose color. If you are trying to pass off your ring as a genuine ruby (hopefully not for any devious reason!), stick to that kind of coloring that you’ll see in the second ring example.

Cubic Zirconia is often able to pass as a diamond or gemstone, and many people buy cz engagement rings. It’s also nice as an option when you want to have a super large gemstone look. You’ll see examples below of cocktail and engagement rings made with a red cz.

Ruby Cubic Zirconia Rings

Clockwise from top right

Women’s Ruby Cubic Zirconia Ring, Size: 5-10
From, HERE

THREE STONE CZ RING – 3 Stone Sterling Silver Created Ruby Cubic Zirconia Ring
From, HERE

nOir Classic red Cubic Zirconia Cocktail Ring
From, HERE

Red Glass Ring
From Max and Chloe, HERE

Kate Bissett Silvertone Cushion-cut Red Cubic Zirconia Rings
From, HERE

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