Pyramid Rings: Spurge vs Steal

Pyramid rings are trendy jewelry pieces that give you some pizazz. Whether you want to spend just a few dollars, or, ahem, several – there’s a pyramid ring out there for you. I’ve collected three examples that you can splurge on, and two that are total steals.

I believe that any pyramid ring is essentially a statement ring – it’s a piece that demands attention as it rises up from your finger ever so slightly. Some are in bright bold colors, others are gleaming with a solid metal frame, or bedazzled with crystals. Their shape and inherent loud presence makes them perfect as cocktail rings. (My only concern is that the pyramid ring not be too sharp at its point, a slightly dulled, rounded top is best, unless you want to give your car unfortunate scratches by accident.)

Funky Pyramid Rings

Clockwise from top right:

Splurge: Kenneth Jay Lane Pyramid Ring
From Zappos, HERE

Splurge (heavily): Ron Hami Mosaic Lace Pyramid Ring
From Max and Chloe, HERE

Splurge: Beyond Rings Pink Crystal Pave Pyramid Ring
From Max and Chloe, HERE

Steal: Rhinestone Pyramid Ring
From Forever 21, HERE

Steal: Gold Pyramid Ring
Handmade from Artfire, HERE

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