Mindy Kaling Style: The Jewelry!

Mindy Kaling is multi-talented, and incredibly funny. You might know her from playing Kelly on The Office, her relatable Twitter, or maybe you read her recently-released book “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?”

Kaling loves fashion, and she wears a lot of Melinda Maria Jewelry. For the launch of her new book, she accented her black cocktail dress with a black cocktail ring! The ring comes in two other varieties – blue topaz, emerald and beer quartz. Anne Hathaway wore this ring in black, Emma Stone wore this ring in black and Chelsea Handler also wore this ring – also in black! It’s such a large, powerful cocktail ring that it’s easy to see why so many celebrities love it.

On The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Kaling wore three pieces of Melinda Maria jewelry. She used that same Grecian Cocktail Ring, and then wore a Large Pod Cluster Cuff and the Floating Mosaic Chandlier style earrings. Keeping everything black and gold meant she could mix and match styles.

What do you guys think about Mindy’s style? We hope you enjoyed this celebrity jewelry style piece on this jewelry blog. Cheers!

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