5 Ametrine Rings – You’ll Love this Multicolored Gemstone!

Both the name and the look of ametrine immediately gets our attention. It’s unlike any other gemstone with it’s purple ombre that goes into yellow. You’re right to think of both amethyst and citrine, as that’s what’s it’s made from. Oxidation creates the cool bands of color. Think of it as bicolored quartz. And hey, it even has a cool legend to accompany it.

The legend surrounding ametrine says that it was first noticed when a conquistador married a princess from the Ayoreos tribe and he was gifted a mine in Bolivia. He sent some ametrine to the Spanish Queen, and she must have loved it. We certainly do.

In fact, if you’re an indecisive type, having two amazing gemstones merge together makes the choice that much less difficult. Purple and yellow not only look fantastic together (they’re opposites on the color wheel) but you get major bonus points if those are two gemstones important to you or your family/sisters/etc and then you can wear both in the same stone formation.

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5 Ametrine Rings We Love that are for Sale

  1. 3.34 cttw Genuine Rare Emerald Cut Bicolor Ametrine and Diamond Ring by Fine Jewelers from Amazon, CLICK
    We could see this powerful and glamorous ring on: Blake Lively, Eva Mendes
  2. Gems en Vogue II 4.95ctw Ametrine w/ Purple Sapphire Ring with tiny gold bows on Shop NBC, CLICK
    We could see this feminine ametrine ring on: Beyonce, Dakota Fanning
  3. 14KT Ladies Ametrine Ring on Amazon, CLICK
    We could see this ametrine ring with the simple (but hip) east-west ring setting on: Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone
  4. Genuine Ametrine & Diamond Ring from Amazon, CLICK
    We could see this highly fashionable and classic cocktail ametrine ring on: Diane Kruger, Emily Blunt
  5. Gem Insider Sterling Silver Emerald Cut Ametrine & Amethyst Ring from Shop NBC, CLICK
    The side detail is really lovely.
    We could see this very pretty ametrine ring on someone like: sweet Carrie Underwood or lovely Taylor Swift

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