Valentine’s Day rings for her – Show your love with hearts and knots, even…an egg?

Listen, I’ve just decided that I am all for people buying themselves jewelry on Valentine’s Day if they want to. I loved shopping on Max and Chloe for these looks… but I also have a target audience here. It’s for anyone trying to buy a significant other a Valentine’s Day ring that’s not for an engagement, but should still be nice. That’s why I went with Max and Chloe. Everything and anything you get from there will arrive nicely, and it’s a good store where you can’t go wrong because their buyers are just so damn smart about what they choose to include in their shop.

If you feel clueless and hopeless and tired about picking a gift, then please RELAX and look these over. One will speak to you, and that’s how you know it’s the right one. Even if you don’t know the REASONS why. We can make those up later!

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Wednesday Collection Turquoise Enamel Mini Stackable Heart Ring

  • This is a sweet, delicate ring. I would say the age range of the wearer should be between 15-35. It’s not too expensive, so, as a gift, this is something that should go with chocolates, or be for a couple who’s still new at dating. Or, for your BFF. This stackable ring is made of enamel and 14k gold plating.
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  • Tags: heart rings, enamel rings, stacking rings

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Ben-Amun Endless Love Ring

  • This is like no other love knot rings I’ve seen recently. It’s a ring that says a lot, and with the price point of $130, it’s a really NICE gift. You can give this to anyone, from a girlfriend to a wife. It sparkles with crystals, speaks to the endless infinity of deep love, and is antique silver-plated for a cool look.
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  • Tags: knot rings, love rings

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Belargo Gold and Crystal East West Love Knot Ring

  • This knot ring is, like the one above, perfect for anyone unless you’ve only known them a week. It’s gold-plated with crystals.
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  • Tags: knot ring, love knot rings

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Viducci Blue Topaz Diamond Ring

  • Well, talk about a showstopper. BOOM. Here you go. It’s everything. This ring is EVERYTHING. It’s feminine and brilliant and everyone will ask about it.
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  • Tags: blue topaz rings

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Ariel Gordon Silver Diamond Egg Ring

  • This is a ring to give someone when you want to give them something expensive, but aren’t ready to give them an engagement ring. It’s got a contemporary feel to it. The tiny diamonds (top and side) are paired with sterling silver, which keeps the price point under $200!
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  • Tags: ariel gordon rings

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