5 Beautiful Tiny Animal Rings from Etsy that We Love

You’re going to love these tiny animal rings so much you’ll be squeeing for days! Don’t forget that we update our ring blog five days a week. If you are looking for a jewelry blog to update your pinterest rings or pinterest jewelry, always give us a look! It’s the smart choice. Thumbs up. Now, onto the tiny animal rings! We’ve got birds, dogs, even bunnies.

  • Chicken and Egg Rings. Silver with black diamond eyes from RockCakes on Etsy, CLICK
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  • Sausage Dog Ring. Hand crafted in Silver with Black Diamond eyes from Etsy, CLICK
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  • Bird King Ring. Silver with Black Diamond eyes and an 18ct Yellow Gold Crown from Etsy, CLICK
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  • Bunny and Carrot rings – silver and with blue sapphire eyes, CLICK
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  • Owl Ring. Silver with Black Diamond eyes, ruby heart and an 18ct Yellow Gold Crown. Unique, CLICK
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