Thistle & Bee Rings – The 5 Best!

These amazing rings are all by Thistle & Bee Jewelry. They are all made with sterling silver, and many have an interesting symbol or concept to them (such as a buckle, grid or the pattern of honeycomb.)

Buckle Ring – Sterling Silver Ring with signature texture. CLICK. – Who doesn’t love an extra buckle?

Trafalgar Grids Ring – Rings Under $200 – CLICK. This modern looking ring uses strong grid lines for a graphic look. Related: Sterling Silver Rings

Honeycomb Mesh Ring with Gemstones – Sterling Silver with Blue Topaz, White Topaz, Citrine, Amethyst and Garnet. – CLICK. We love the array of different gemstones that make this a colorful jewelry piece by Thistle & Bee. Related: Amazing Rings

Hammered Braid Ring with Peridot – Sterling Silver Ring with a faceted Oval Peridot and Hammered Finish. – CLICK. This pretty peridot ring is just chunky enough to make it an everyday, casual ring. Related: Casual Rings, Peridot Rings, Thistle & Bee Rings

Honeycomb Mesh Ring – Sterling Silver with high polish finish. – CLICK. – Be cheeky and wear a necklace with a bee on it! Related: Symbol Rings

Other Thistle & Bee Rings we like (including bamboo rings)

thistle & bee jewelry

Bamboo and Amethyst Ring

Bamboo Ring with White

Amethyst & Sterling Oval Cocktail Ring (Related: Cocktail Rings)

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