5 Popular Enamel Rings from Max and Chloe right now!

I happen to adore enamel rings, especially because they gave give your jewelry a nice pop of color aka poc! Below, I went to one of my favorite online jewelry shops (Max and Chloe) and found five that are popular with the other shoppers, and me. Check them out below!

Enamel Rings to Love

Rane Brass Turquoise Beetle Ring
About: This turquoise enamel beetle is exotic and such an attention-grabber! I know you might not think, ‘hey I want to wear a BUG on my finger today’ but look how cool it is! Even I, who fears ANTS, can get on board with this beautiful beetle. File under: Beetle rings. You can get it from this link.

Fevi Reyes Sparkling Lotus Ring
About: This has such a tribal feel to the flower design of the lotus, shown here in two shades of pink (or would you call that darker one a red? Oh, the site says magenta!) The contrast of the pale pink and magenta really give this flower a sense of motion, to me. It’s made with enamel and gold plating. I’m not as familiar with Fevi Reyes as other brands featured on Max and Chloe, but I trust what they pick to showcase on their site becuase they always have such great selections. You can find it with this link. File under: Rings under $200, enamel rings, lotus rings, lotus flower rings

Blu Bijoux Coral Sunburst Cocktail Ring
About: Like a burst of sunlight and fresh air, this crystal and enamel ring just makes me smile. I love the surprising color combination of peach and pink! Find it here at Max and Chloe. File under: Rings under $20.00, glamorous rings, interesting rings, unique rings.

Kenneth Jay Lane Crystal and Enamel Bumblebee Ring
About: Kenneth Jay Lane is a legendary name when it comes to jewelry that walks the line of affordable-meets-designer chic. And here, we have the sweetest little bee! This ring is made with enamel and crystals. You can find it on Max and Chloe, right at this link. The red crystal eyes give this bee a little bit of sass, but otherwise the black and white pattern looks very chic… I wonder if this Bee is from Paris? File under: Bee rings, enamel rings

Foxy Originals Rainbow Dakota Ring
About: I’m such a fan of Foxy Originals jewelry, first of all. And this ring is SO fun. The colors are bright, and it’ll help liven up an otherwise basic outfit. (I can picture you wearing jeans, a black t-shirt, some gold colored bangle bracelets, and then this ring. Instant casual-chic!) File this under: rings under 50, geometric rings, colorful rings! Find it at Max and Chloe with this link. (Also available in navy blue and tan.)

Which enamel ring up there do you think you’d most be likely to wear? For me… that’s a tough call. I really love that beetle ring, but the bee is also so cute… (And I am sorely lacking in bug-based jewelry design right now, gasp!)

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