Pink Ceramic Band Ring!

Pink Ceramic Band Ring!

Pink ceramic band anyone?

Each ring is hand formed. As each piece dries it is carefully smoothed. I try to remove any trace of the seam…however, you might still be able to see it on the inside of the ring. Keep in mind, that these rings may not be perfectly round….as they are made by human hands.
After the rings are completely dry and all rough edges smoothed (usually a day or two), they are fired to nearly 2000 degrees. Then each piece is glazed. A bit of wax is applied to the inside of the ring, so that when it is glaze fired, it will not fuse to the rod it hangs from. This will leave a bare spot inside the ring – but will not affect comfort and is unnoticeable when wearing the ring. After a final firing/cooling – viola – the ring is ready!

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