Nerd Jewelry for Women – Nerd Rings!

Do you like vampires, Star Wars and Hello Kitty? Oh, then we’re good! Embrace your inner nerd (or geek) with these nerd rings. Nerd jewelry is incredibly popular these days, and especially easy to purchase online with shops like Etsy! We dived into the handmade section of the site to see what kinds of creations were being put out there from all of those creative and passionate minds of our fellow nerds!

Vampire Fangs – Lips and Teeth – Laser Cut Acrylic RingSet from the Etsy Shop Lickety Cut, CLICK
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Less Than Three ( Heart ) Emoticon Ring, Handmade Sterling Silver Unisex, Geek Chic Jewelry from the Etsy shop Metal Smitten, CLICK
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Lego Rings Tile Plate Block Plastic Square Adjustable Ring Dork Nerd Geek Punk Retro Rad from the Etsy shop luv4sams, CLICK

Hello Kitty Bow Brass Knuckles Ring from Fred Flare, CLICK
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Star Wars Jewelry: Star Wars Laser Cut Acrylic Ring Set from the Etsy shop Lickety Cut, CLICK

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