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You might think the shapes of these rings represent bubbles or beads, but they’re puffs of gold.

The Naomi Gray Rings featured here are five amazing yellow gold rings that can be worn alone or mixed together for more of a statement. We think the words they spell out are so fun, although the longer words can be a bit more hard to decipher. Let’s see what you think!

Naomi Gray Rings we love:

  1. Naomi Gray Ring Love Diamond Word Ring from Max and Chloe
  2. Naomi Gray Designs Believe Diamond Word Ring from Max and Chloe
  3. Naomi Gray Rings Dream Diamond Word Ring
  4. Naomi Gray Jewelry Big Love Statement Ring
  5. Naomi Gray Ring Ball and Hammered Stackable Rings

2 More Naomi Gray Jewelry Pieces we love:

Naomi Gray Designs Ring Necklace

Naomi Gray Jewelry Angel Wing Initial Birthstone Necklace

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