Lia Sophia Rings 2012 – Our Favorites from the collection!

Inspired by seeing a couple Lia Sophia rings showcased on Pretty Little Liars, we decided to showcase our favorite 2012 rings from the line. These are all cool rings for women, so splurge on one or two… or three…

Love the colors of bright, tropical parrots? Then take a look at this colorful Parrot Ring, CLICK

If love is on your mind, then you’ll adore this Amour Ring (Love Ring) available in gold or silver, CLICK

The Ransom Ring is one of those long rings we love so much. Embellished with crystal accents, this is a tough, amazing ring, CLICK.

When it comes to unique rings for women, you can’t go wring with the Cubist Ring that is sparkling with black diamond cut crystals, CLICK. This would add big, glamorous impact to any outfit.

For unique rings, we have the Raven Ring, CLICK. It’s a statement ring made with sterling silver and black resin. It’s a great graphic piece, very modern.

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