Kimono Acrylic Ring

Ever heard of a Kimono Ring? I hadn’t until this morning. But now I think they’re the coolest rings ever. I don’t think I’ll ever own a kimono – I imagine they’re hard to come by, and seriously expensive. But owning just a little piece of a kimono – I could manage that!

And so can you. These Kimono Rings are made (in Japan!) of tiny pieces of kimonos that are then encased in acrylic. Kimono fabric is prized for being special and Kimono’s themselves are considered one of the oldest art traditions in Japan. As the site says, “Wear a little piece of the ultimate in Japanese luxury!”

The ring is the super-friendly price of $16.00 via

Wear a little piece of the ultimate in Japanese luxury! Kimono fabric,
renowned for its intricate hand-dyed patterns, is perhaps the jewel of
Japan’s art tradition, which dates back centuries. Each ring features
a piece of kimono fabric entirely encased in acrylic. Made in Japan.

Kimono Acrylic Ring.jpg

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