3 Galaxy Ring Jewelry pieces that are out of this world!

We spend a lot of time wishing on stars. Why not wear some?

Galaxy Ring Jewelry

The Orion Nebula is captured here, for you.

This here is the Orion Nebula Ring by the Cells Dividing Etsy shop. It’s priced so reasonably you could wear dozens of constellations on both of your hands. It is made with bronze and glass. For those wondering, the Orion is one of the brightest Nebula’s that we can see in the sky. Find iton Etsy.

There’s no telling how heavy this ring is.

…But we feel confident you’ll be able to lift your hand while wearing it!

The Melinda Maria Galaxy Bling Ring is made with 18k gold-plating and cubic zirconia. It’s very wide, and definitely bold. Whether intention or not, wearing it will make a statement. We found it at Charm and Chain.

It’s got a huge presence, though the colors are delicate whispers.

star rings

For a “mere” $33,110 this Lydia Courteille ring can be yours! It is the Galaxy ring, made with 18k rose gold, diamond, and crystallized agate. It’s currently being sold atNet a Porter.

What do you think? Which of these three would you most love to wear?

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