5 Flower Pearl Rings that Dazzle

Pearls are the flower of the sea, so it makes perfect sense that so many floral rings use pearls as a design element. I’ve collected five flower pearl rings that I like a lot to share with you guys.

I’d have the most absolute horrible time trying to pick my favorite ring out of the five. What do you think? I love how girly and fresh the Marcasite and Pearl ring is, but the golden vermeil pearl ring looks so tropical and lush.

An even more difficult question would be “what do you think each of these ‘flowers’ would smell like?” Where do I even begin? Well. The first ring in the upper left corner would smell (in my estimation) like a soft white flower such as a magnolia. The stacking rings seem like they would smell like a soft rose. (Yes, I am aware that these pearl rings are shaped like a daisy, but that doesn’t mean I have to follow some rule that says they’d all smell like daisies!)

5 Flower Pearl Rings ( June Birthstone Rings )

Pearl Ring, Sterling Silver Cultured Freshwater Pearl Flower
Sale Price: $80.10
From: Macys, HERE

Vermeil Ring, Cultured Freshwater Pearl Flower
Sale Price: $107.10
From: Macys, HERE

Rhodium Plated Brass Flower Ring with Synthetic Gray Pearl – 10mm
Price: $21.15
From: Amazon.com, HERE

Suspicion Sterling Marcasite and Cultured Pearl Flower Ring
Price: $59.99

Flower And Pearl Stacking Rings
Price: $20.00
From: TopShop, HERE

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