Druzy Rings – An all-natural jewelry trend for 2013!

In the mood for a ring that looks raw and natural, but isn’t lacking in the bling department? Then check out these “Ondo Rings” from RabLabs.com.

druzy ring

The featured Druzy Ring. ©2012 John Muggenborg / muggphoto

These are natural agate druzy rings that shimmer and sparkle while slices of banded agate add bits of color. Created from solid pieces of agate druzy, these are pieces that will last a long time.

We like that these amazing rings are so pretty, although it’s too bad you can’t specify which color exactly you want. The good thing is that at least the range is similar. They’re all white, light pink or light purple. There’s also flecks of orange and brown. But what’s great is that they’re all one-of-a-kind. Just like you.

druzy rings

Druzy Ring from RabLab.  They make great casual rings to wear to school.

Druzy rings are on trend for 2013 jewelry. So make sure to stock up on a few.

druzy rings

Two examples of the Ondo Druzy Rings.

If you’re wondering how these rings get their colors, here’s a description from the RabLabs site:

Colors and patterns on these rings vary a lot. Each is formed by water and minerals rushing through an ancient lava stream…and that is what makes them totally unique. Some look clear, others darker, others even a little bit purple or yellow. Each as individual as your own personality!

Each ring is $88.00.

Find more: RabLabs.com Ondo Rings

What do you think? Do you like druzy rings?

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