The 5 Best Chalcedony Jewelry Pieces Handmade by Brooklyn Designs

Brooklyn Designs makes handmade jewelry with quite a lot of chalcedony in it. The stone is a gorgeous seawashed looking blue, like a piece of watercolor that you can wear. I love so many pieces of Brooklyn Designs jewelry that I had to think of a theme to post about or I’d be here for hours showing you pictures of all the awesome earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. And I have determination, I’d do it, too!

So, we’re gonna focus on chalcedony jewelry! I can feel your excitement. What did I pick to feature?

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Chalcedony Jewelry – Handmade

Seafoam Chalcedony, Swarovski & Brushed Vermeil Earrings
I love the honey colored crystal with the gold and then the dash of chalcedony.

Chalcedony Vermeil Ring *Jewelry on The Secret Circle*
It’s set in a east-west kind of stone setting which makes it especially unique. Worn by Britt Robertson. Related: Chalcedony Rings

Aqua Chalcedony & Vermeil Clover Coin Charm Bracelet
Perfect for cheering you up on a not-so-sunny day!

Why do I recommend these?A Personal Review You Can Trust: Canadian Jewelry Designers: Brooklyn Designs is Feminine, Flirty and Fun

Chalcedony & Vermeil Brushed Hoop Necklace
It’s simple and lightweight, plus it’ll give you a great bit of color.

Bezelled Chalcedony & Brushed Vermeil Bracelet
It’s a standout piece, don’t you agree?

This is a designer spotlight and also featured in celebrity jewelry and jewelry gift ideas. Cheers!

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