Top 4 Chain Rings Jewelry for women!

Unusual and even a little bit exotic, chain rings are anything but boring. In most cases, a chain ring is the opposite of boring. It gives texture to a look, sure. But usually there’s an excess length of chain being used in the design. In terms of self-expression, these are wonderful. Either you’ll love them or hate them, and if you love them, show yours off! It’s not quite bondage, but it’s definitely on the edgier side of things.

Chain Rings

Chain and Knuckle Ring

  • From the Etsy shop Tiny Box 12 – Click Here
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I also love this manicure. Squared off and a pretty (nude) pink. Perfect for any time, season or event. …Brb to get a manicure.

Handcuff Double Chain Ring for Women

  • From oBaz – Click Here
  • You do have to register to purchase from the oBaz site. Which is an annoyance.
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  • or women, interesting rings, fun rings, casual rings, cool rings for women

chain rings Color Stone Chain Ring

  • From Sweetheart Jewelry Box on Etsy – Click Here
  • File under: DIY rings, Etsy rings, fun rings

double chain ring Double Chain Ring

  • From Beelow Pynx shop on Etsy – Click Here
  • File under: cheap rings! rings under 10

chain ring unique rings Double Chain Ring in Gold with Leaf

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