Best Lia Sophia Rings – Including one for your …uh, mood swings?

Though I’m not REALLY a major fan of these sorts of “Mary Kay: but for JEWELRY!” programs, they seem to be gaining traction (Guy and Eva, Jewel Mint) and you can still purchase the items online easily…so let’s take a look at what Lia Sophia can offer us in terms of rings. Are your fingers quivering with excitement yet? (I know, I didn’t talk this up enough, but I promise there’s some great rings below, I’m just super tired. I mean, I probably only got 9 hours of sleep last night! GASP. Everyone knows that post-weekend after a Baby Shower, you need at least 14 solid hours of sleep to get over all feelings of inadequacy at your life after seeing someone else totally winning. LES BE HONEST.)

Lia Sophia Rings

lia sophia rings

Well, this was the first Lia Sophia ring I saw on their site that I couldn’t deny. Is it any wonder? It’s a stunning, mystical, moonlit kind of ring for dreamy types like me. I also think it’d be a great way to go glam OR boho, depending on what else you’re wearing at the time.

Beautify Ring from Lia Sophia

Notes: Whole sizes 6-10, only. This is, “An antiqued finish on this silver ring brings focus to the genuine mother-of-pearl center with cut crystals.”
Price: $98.00

wave ring

Everyone wants a simple silver ring, but we don’t want it to be SO simple that it seems like we didn’t agonize about our fashion choice for the day. Still, this is so simple that you don’t really have to agonize much with this piece – which makes it a winner. It’s unique without being too unique…get it?

Capricious Ring

Notes: “This little band of silver takes some unpredictable turns as it winds its way around your finger.” Capricious means, basically, having mood swings.
Price: $38.00

gold flower rings

I picked this ring becasue I really want to wear it! It’s unique, but still in that traditional, classic style that I like.

Flowerette Ring

Ring, available in whole sizes 5-9.
Notes: “A whimsical matte gold flower rests atop genuine blue obsidian, accented by a petite cut crystal for a touch of sparkle.”
Tags: Flower rings
Price: $78.00

vintage crystal ring lia sophia rings

Here, you get a taste of romance and Downton Abbey. (On the show, that usually means heartbreak is coming, but I have much better hopes for you!) Seriously, I swoon for this ring and it’s no wonder Lia Sophia has trademarked this style of crystal. It’s a stunner.

Privy Ring

Notes: Available in 5-9, whole sizes only. “This delicate cut-crystal ring looks like a piece of vintage fine jewelry. Order your regular lia sophia ring size.”
Tags: Crystal rings, Cool rings for women
Price: $48.00

violet ring

This is a wonderful reminder of sunny nature while letting you step out from being a shy wallflower by showing off a pop of gold in a fairly traditional, safe shape. It’s a great way of using a statement piece if you’re a bit hesitant.

Violet Ring

Notes: “A delicately textured matte gold violet is precious, with a touch of cut crystal.”
Price: $58.00

You can find all of these rings: HERE.

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