5 Trina Turk Rings You’ll go Gaga For!

Ready to find your inner drama queen? The Trina Turk jewelry collection right now has drama from its exotic influences of India and Africa. It also features strong colors, and bold geometric shapes. This statement jewelry is really fun. And I’m  about to show you why!

The Capsule ring is a little bit tribal but very low key in a “I’m boho stylish just here to get a whole wheat everything bagel, dudes” kind of way that Nicole Richie has perfected. The symbolic Babylon Ring is subtly swanky and pulls from ancient culture. The Desert Flower ring is glamorous and a total stunner. The Emerald Cut ring is made from a jet crystal and is very hip. It makes me feel like I should go listen to some jazz! The Resin Ball ring is totally wild and playful.

So, which one is YOUR favorite?

Trina Turk Rings

Clockwise from top left

Capsule Ring, here

Babylon Ring, here

Desert Flower Ring, here

Emerald Cut Ring, here

Resin Ball Ring in Coral, here

All Trina Turk rings are from Max and Chloe

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