5 of the Best Origami Finger Rings Available for Sale Online

Remember origami? In school, I was mesmerized by those who had the talent to take squares of neon yellow paper and transform them into frogs that could hop with a single flick of a finger. I haven’t worked on cultivating any impressive origami skills, so I probably wouldn’t try to DIY with an origami ring. But there are plenty of handmade versions out there just ready for you to customize. I think these would be particularly great for birthday parties, bachelor parties, and as shower or wedding favors. There’s five origami rings below, let us know which is your favorite!

Origami Finger Rings

Clockwise from top right

Origami Jewelry White Butterfly Ivory Cream Brown Paper Ring Handmade by SpotLight Jewelry on Etsy.
Similar: Handmade Rings, Butterfly Rings, Origami Rings
Details: Adjustable silver base. 3D ring. Delicate.
Find this ring here.

Origami Rose Ring by Pretty Neko on Etsy.
Details: Varnished to be slightly durable. Adjustable Ring band. Several colors available, including gradients of two colors.
Similar: Handmade Rings, Rose Rings, Unique Rings, Flower Rings, Adjustable Rings, Paper Rings
Find this ring for sale online here.

Origami Butterfly Ring by Monteazul on Etsy
Details: Cast in Sterling Silver, modeled after origami butterfly shape
Similar: Butterfly Rings, Silver Rings
Find this ring here

Origami Box Ring by Paper in the Pocket on Etsy
Details: The external dimensions of the box are 0.98 x 0.98 x 0.59 inches and inside is 0.86 x 0.86 x 0.43 inches.
Similar: Creative Rings, Unique Rings
Find this ring for sale here

Yellow Origami Lotus with Silver Ring Band by Kawaiistarz on Etsy
Details: Created with textured cardstock paper. Different lotus colors available.
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Find this ring here.

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