Here’s a letter(guest blog post) from one of our readers in UK(I believe).  If you have any information regarding this ring, please contact Leyla87az@yahoo.com.  Any UK readers out there, please help the poor girl!  Thanks!

This ring got stolen from our flat in Spring lane Headington Oxford on 19th may 2009. It belonged to my daugher who loved this ring very much. It was a gift for her and very precious for her. She loved it so much she could not even wear it so much. Although it has been more than 3 month she has not been able to forget and stop looking for it. Since she lost that ring she has not been herself. She cries for that every single day.

As a mother seeing her like this killing me. Many things including her laptop, ipod, other swarovski jewellery and many designer stuff got stolen but she does not even care about those but this ring. She cries and begs for this ring and desperate for it to be found. She has stopped eating and she is almost suicidal. I know it is only a ring but you will have to see her to understand it. Not being able to do something hurts me so much. So i beg for anyone who has any information about it to get in touch. I am really scared for my daughter. She has lost the will to live. Just please please please find a place in your hearts and contact us. i really am desperate.

I know picture are not that clear but the ring was in butterfly shape. It was like two layer of butterfly, like one butterfly sitting on another. The ring was on two thin ring bands. it has no hallmarks and has almost 160 stones and it is in silver colour.

If you have seen or have any information please get in touch : leyla87az@yahoo.com

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