November Birthstone Rings in Sterling Silver (Citrine)

November is a warm, comforting month where you see the rich hues of autumn (unless you live on the West coast, I guess.) Even then, you still have Thanksgiving, which is all about being cozy with family and having comfort foods like pumpkin pie. With all of these images, it’s no surprise to me that citrine is the birthstone for November.

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to buy a citrine ring that’s paired with sterling silver. Maybe it’s a gift and you can’t quite afford white gold (there is no shame in that), or maybe it’s for someone very young who might loose the right. Or maybe you, or the recipient, just prefers sterling silver. It definitely will lower the cost for you, which is a positive. So, let’s shop for some November birthstone rings that have sterling silver, okay?

november birthstone rings sterling silver

Citrine and Sterling Silver Rings

They’re picture from top left and down, then from the top right and down.

Enchanted Citrine Ring in .925 Sterling Silver
By Apples of Gold on Amazon, link for purchase
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This is a ring perfect for someone who loves romantic things.

Sterling Silver Citrine and White Topaz Ring
By Amour Jewelry on Amazon, link to purchase
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This is the type of ring I imagine Jennifer Lopez would love. But I have no idea if she’s a November birthday.

Citrine Sterling Silver Braided Cat’s Eye Ring
by Kooljewelry on Amazon, link to purchase
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JewelryDays 2.7 CTW Citrine Sterling Silver Ring
By Jewelry Days from Sears, link to purchase
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This is a very classic, traditional piece of jewelry. I really do like it. I picture someone like Emmy Rossum wearing this ring.

Glitzy Rocks Sterling Silver Citrine and Diamond Accent Square Ring
From Overstock, link to purchase
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The assorted other pictures really show you that it’s a really pretty ring. The image I used in the collage doesn’t do it justice. And I’m not just saying that. It’s true. Another true thing is that this ring has been rated 4 out of 5 stars, which is a very good rating.

React: If you could pick any one of these rings to have, which would it be? I’m torn between the Jewelry Days ring and the Glitzy Rocks ring (the last two rings listed.) They both have a classic look that I appreciate. However, if I was still in high school I’d definitely opt for the Cat’s Eye ring.

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