June Birthstone Rings: Top 5 We Love

Alexandrite, Moonstone and Pearl are the three June Birthstones. Of the three, pearls are probably the most popular. I’ve given some extensive coverage to some varieties of pearl rings in the past week, and now I’m broadening the search to the prettiest rings of all three birthstone possibilities.

When giving a birthstone ring as a gift, it has a great symbolic meaning. The gesture shows you care about the recipient of the gift quite a bit. You should find a ring that they can treasure and that this individual can wear often in their daily life. That means, buy accordingly. Is this recipient a teenager still in high school? If so, you might want to buy a gold (or sterling silver) and pearl ring, but leave out the diamonds since they wouldn’t get much wear out of that. But is this recipient a woman in a job with authority? If she wears gemstone jewelry, then get her something that will last (gold or platinum) with embellishments such as diamonds. The more you know about a person’s preference for colors and style, the better. If someone was buying me a birthday ring, they’d know better than to buy a large ring, as that’s not my style. They’d also know that I wear gold, rose gold, silver or platinum – but there are plenty of women who only wear silver, white gold or platinum. Try to know this before you make your decision. And you don’t even have to ask – you just have to pay attention and look at the jewelry this person wears. People are telling us things if only you’d look!

Each of the five rings I’m picking are high quality, and are meant to be worn and kept forever – maybe even passed down to later generations.

June Birthstone Rings

Pearl Rings, Alexandrite Rings, Moonstone Rings:

8.5-9mm Freshwater Pearl & Diamond 14K White Gold Ring
From Ice.com: HERE

Raw Jewelry by JLRicci Oval Moonstone Cocktail Ring
From: Max and Chloe, HERE

Janna Conner Starburst Ring in White Gold
From: Max and Chloe, HERE

4k Gold Moonstone Ring
sale ring: $375.75
From: Kohls, HERE

Created Alexandrite and Diamond Ring
From: Reeds, HERE

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