July Birthstone Rings: 5 Ruby Cocktail Rings

A ruby ring can be the ultimate accessory for a stylish woman, especially if she was born in July. (Ruby is the July birthstone.) I’ve come to know the ruby well, seeing my Mother wearing a ruby ring all of her life. I’ve always been fascinated by the deep crimson of her ring, and the special meaning it held to her. Your birthstone gemstone will speak to you unconsciously in a way other stones just won’t. You’ll be drawn to it for reasons you won’t even understand.

The first thing you should realize is that rubies aren’t prissy, passive stones. Red is a power color. So, large ruby cocktail rings make a bold statement. They say that you know you have power and aren’t afraid to use it. You aren’t, are you? You shouldn’t be!

I’ve put together a great collection of sale rings, handmade rings, gold rings and diamond rings that all have one thing in common: rubies!

July Birthstone Rings:

Hari Jewels Ruby Square Ring
From: Max and Chloe, HERE

14k Gold Diamond and Large Oval Ruby Ring
From: Heavenly Treasures, HERE

The Timothy Ruby – Big Ruby Ring in 14K Gold
From: Handmade on Etsy, HERE

9K Rose Gold Womens Luxury English Large Vibrant Ruby Ring
Sale Ring: $360.00
From: Amazon, HERE

7/8 Carat Ruby & Diamond 14K White Gold Ring
From: Ice.com, HERE

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