Emily Fields Style – Pretty Little Liars Jewelry Picks

Emily Fields style on Pretty Little Liars is the one I hear the most groans about. “But she’s boring,” someone will write on a message board. And while I’m not drawn to Emily’s style more than the other girls, I can relate to several aspects of what her fashion sensibility is all about. Emily is an athlete, yes. (I’m not. Not even on Wii games.) But this is translated and merged with her hard-working, sweet and determined personality. Emily loves easy, simple, comfortable items. She doesn’t want a complicated layered necklace of fringe the way Aria might wear. And she doesn’t want a big pink flower ring the way Hanna would covet. Unlike Spencer, Emily doesn’t care about having a Chanel couture handbag. So, what might Emily like? That’s what we’re here to find out.

Pretty Little Liars Jewelry – Inspired Picks for Emily Fields Style

Clockwise from top left

Nolan Mini Flower Stackable Rings are something I see and right away think of Emily. If I’m thinking like Em’s, I’m realizing that I like flowers but these aren’t too cutsey or elementary school-ish. They have a mix of metals available (and each is $30) so you can buy a couple and never have to worry if everything matches perfectly. There’s also the availability to wear these in different combinations, on different fingers. It’s all about the ease of flexibility. (Max and Chloe, here)

The Pewter, Paul and Mary Ring is comprised of lots of easy going abstract swirls. It’s not actually made of pewter, but of antiqued silver. This is a find for rings under 20 dollars. (Mod Cloth, here)We know that Emily Fields is a sentimental sweetheart. So it makes sense that shed liked sentimental jewelry.

I love The Pretty Peacock jewelry, and I think Emily would love The Bday Stack – a Personalized Stack of birthstone rings. These rings can be hand stamped (like engraving, but better.) Emily could pick her birthstone and then the birthstones of her best friends! (The Pretty Peacock, here)

The Natural Stone Ring is very simple, but packs an impact of natural color. I can see Emily wearing this with a flowing bohemian top and tiny pair of shorts. (Urban Outfitters, here)

Again I bring you flowers with the Nolan Pear Shaped Petal Rings. The flower petals are pear shaped and made of cubic zirconia. The ring is also made with your choice of metals: 14k gold plating, rose gold plating, or sterling silver plating. This is a find for rings under 50 dollars. (Max and Chloe, here)


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