5 Stunning Amethyst and Opal Rings

Opals make for a fascinating ring, and I knew that  at the early age of thirteen. Well, I can’t pinpoint my exact age, but it was around that age of hormones and naivety that my uncle gave me an opal ring. When I asked someone if it was a very expensive, very important gift, they said that it wasn’t. The opal wasn’t very large, it wasn’t set with gold, and opals themselves are not as important as a diamond or ruby. But that didn’t deter me. I saw it on my finger, and I knew it had mystical properties. How else to explain the way the milky white hue changed to having hints of blue or purple?

Today, I know that opals are indeed special. They’re also the October Birthstone. (Pink tourmaline is another October birthstone.) Many powerful people through the ages have been fans of the opal, including Queen Victoria! I cannot vouch for the longtime alleged protection and healing properties of an opal, but I can vouch for its beauty.

While I’ve written about opal rings before, this time we take a detour and let the opal have an amethyst accent. The colors pair up wonderfully and read as very feminine and beautiful.

Amethyst and Opal Rings

Clockwise from left

Luxury Womens 9K Rose Gold Cabouchon Opal and Amethyst Ring
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Amethyst and Opal Ring 1.35 Carats (ctw) in Sterling Silver,
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Sterling Silver Genuine Natural Amethyst & Opal Ring of English Georgian Design
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9K Yellow Gold Womens Opal & Amethyst Eternity Medieval Style Band Ring
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Sterling Silver Ladies Opal and Amethyst Ring – 9 stones
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