5 Stylish African Ruby Rings

Since the birthstone for July is ruby, I wanted to do another ruby ring post. However, I wanted to get a little bit more specific since we’ve had a whole month of ruby related posts. So, I decided I would look into the types of rubies. When I saw a Jamie Joseph African ruby ring, I decided we’d go with African Ruby Rings for a focus. Only, right away I saw there were doubts on messageboards from people just as ill-informed as I once was, wondering if an African Ruby was even real. Psh. Well, if you couldn’t guess by the price, rest assured that an African Ruby is a real type of Ruby. East Africa is where plenty of rubies are found. They have a very nice color, to boot. There’s a nice dose of purple in these African Ruby rings. Take a look…

African Ruby Rings

Jamie Joseph Oval African Ruby Ring
Ylang 23, HERE

VicenzaGold Round Faceted African Ruby Ring 14K

.95-Carat Oval African Ruby and Diamond Accent Ring in 14k Yellow Gold
Amazon.com, HERE

Tacori18K925 African Ruby Ring
Since1910.com, HERE

Sterling Silver 1/2-ct. T.W. Diamond & African Ruby Fleur-De-Lis Etruscan Ring
Kohl’s, HERE

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