Ostro Topaz | Let’s talk about these Blue Topaz rings on QVC…

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QVC is talking about Ostro Blue Topaz rings today. So, so are we.

Ostro Royal Blue Topaz Ring

Ostro Blue Topaz Colors (Also available in any Blue Topaz, fyi)
    Ostro London Blue Topaz (This kind of blue topaz is always a deeper…murky) Ostro Royal Blue Topaz (This kind of blue topaz is always vibrant, and my favorite) Ostro Swiss Blue Topaz (This is always an alpine color for topaz) Ostro Sky Blue Topaz ( This kind of topaz is always light, and it’s my second favorite color for topaz)

Note: Why do I like

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Let’s shop for Downton Abbey rings! | Art Deco Ring Styles

art deco rings

Downton Abbey takes place during the 1920’s, so we’re on the hunt for 1920’s rings. That falls in the realm of the Art Deco jewelry period, which was strongly defined by geometric shapes and strong lines. I’ve even put together a bit of a refresher for you guys:

What was 1920’s jewelry like?
    Geometric shapes like triangles, pentagons, and trapezoids Bold edges Strongly contrasted color combinations with gems of ruby, onyx, sapphire, and emerald. Design names of the day: Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli. Sleek, streamline

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Best Lia Sophia Rings – Including one for your …uh, mood swings?

violet ring

Though I’m not REALLY a major fan of these sorts of “Mary Kay: but for JEWELRY!” programs, they seem to be gaining traction (Guy and Eva, Jewel Mint) and you can still purchase the items online easily…so let’s take a look at what Lia Sophia can offer us in terms of rings. Are your fingers quivering with excitement yet? (I know, I didn’t talk this up enough, but I promise there’s some great rings below, I’m just super tired. I mean, I probably only got 9 hours of sleep last night! GASP. Everyone knows that post-weekend after a Baby Shower, you

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Tree Rings (Jewelry) – Tree of Life Symbolism = Major

tree ring tree rings jewelry sterling silver

We all have our favorite tree. Right? Or is that a geek thing? Well, I, have a favorite tree! Well….trees. Birch trees and magnolia trees are top contenders. Needless to say, I love nature and feeling connected to it. Hopefully, you feel the same, and now we can get to the fun part…shopping online for tree rings (jewelry – that clarification is important unless you want Google to show you pictures of actual tree rings.)

Tree Rings (Jewelry) …123, Go!

Tree branches in matte metal are woven together for a tim

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Romeo and Juliet Jewelry – Necklace, Ring – hearts and roses, dreamy sigh!

We’re all already fans of the Claire Danes and Leo version, but who among us isn’t excited for the new “Romeo and Juliet” film, out October 11th 2013?

This new version stars Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth. They both have sweet, young faces and tons of talent.

Romeo and Juliet Necklace

In the movie, Juliet Capulet wears this romantic,

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Double Infinity Ring Selections, as seen on REVENGE

double infinity ring

On ABC’s Revenge, Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) has an affinity with the double infinity sign. She has it carved in places, and even has a double infinity tattoo. These cool rings have us captivated….

Less painless than a tattoo is a ring, after all!

Double Infinity Ring Choices. Photos: ABC, Ring O Blog

Double Infinity Ring 14k Rose Gold Band

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Black Cat Rings: Me-OW! Be a fierce kitty

black cat ring

There’s a reason so many of us gals like to be black cats for Halloween. It’s… well, because cats are AWESOME. And we all have a … um… unique feminine, feline mystique… uh….. right? UM. Okay, I’ll admit that I’m not entirely sure why it is we all gravitate to cats. Maybe because the idea of being a bunny or mouse just seems too sexual (with the Playboy references) or juvenile. So, cat!

But in truth, we don’t need the occasion of Halloween to rock black cat jewelry. There’s actually a lot of cool cat rings out there, ev

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Fox Rings – Sly Silver and Gold

fox rings

Suddenly, and without warning, I am all about foxes. Specifically, red foxes. Even more specifically, the “Vulpes Vulpes” in Latin. Now, we don’t need to know the Latin…but when a name is THAT cute and funny, I think we should at least give it a nod of the head. So, nodding to “Vulpes Vulpes” and the crazy Latin language (of which all of our language is derived, or something, blah blah) we move along!

I guess I know why I suddenly love foxes. I saw one. Well, two. And they were super sweet and reminded me of friendly dogs. Of course, we don’t

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Funky Rings from The Harbinger Co – Harry Potter jewelry just got chic

Sometimes you don’t want to be traditional. And I hear ya on that. Standing out and showing your personality through style is what it’s all about. And every day means you can basically be a new person. One day you might be looking glamorous …feeling like a Kardashian, and the next day you might decide to harness the vibe of a Kate Bosworth being boho at Coachella. Anyway, this is all about a lead-in to explain that I found some really funky, FAR OUT, rings. They’re from “The Harbinger Co.” And while they have loads of another goodies to explore, we’

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Top 4 Chain Rings Jewelry for women!

Unusual and even a little bit exotic, chain rings are anything but boring. In most cases, a chain ring is the opposite of boring. It gives texture to a look, sure. But usually there’s an excess length of chain being used in the design. In terms of self-expression, these are wonderful. Either you’ll love them or hate them, and if you love them, show yours off! It’s not quite bondage, but it’s definitely on the edgier side of things.

Chain Rings

Chain and Knuckle Ring

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