The BEST Kathy Bransfield Hand-Stamped Necklaces

Kathy Bransfield is a jewelry designer who is based out of L.A. She specializes in amazing necklaces that open up to show hand-stamped jewelry quotes that talk about faith, life and beauty.

The tagline for the jewelry is “distinctly meaningful jewelry” and e know lots of you look for jewelry and rings with meaning.

“Each item embodies an essence of her quirkiness and unfalteringly cheerful spirit. All are cherished by their wearers and many hold them as a sacred personal amulet. Kathy’s distinctively meaningful jewelry continues to evoke passionate responses from long time collectors and new fans alike.” –

For a sweet overlay shape and a quote about how to appreciate the days in your life..

Wild Flower – “May your life be like a wildflower growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day” -Native American proverb

For an interesting necklace shape and inspiring quote about life challenges…

Einstein Necklace – “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” -Einstein

For something simple with a big message…

Love is my Religion

XO, Ring O Blog Jewelry Blog Team

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