Taylor Swift Jewelry: And it’s even Affordable!

Taylor’s swift charms are undeniable. And her jewelry is highly covetable. Of course, the pieces she actually wears are generally pretty pricey. So what I’ve done is look at the type of inspired jewelry that’s out there, as well as similar pieces that Taylor’s worn. C’mon, let’s dish.

The first two pieces of jewelry are handmade by Etsy sellers, and embrace the Taylor keyword, “Fearless.” It’s such a good reminder. And I bet she has jewelry like this that fans have made and given to her, inspired by her lyrics. It’s cute, its’ fun, and it’s positive!

Because Taylor is always making a heart with her hands, and sings about love, anything with a heart is something that would likely catch her eye. These heart necklaces are from Foxy Originals – which is made out of pewter and then coated with gold or silver plating. It has a really beautiful luster, I highly recommend their jewelry.

Next up is a filigree antique-style skeleton key pendant, which is something she’s worn before. It’s a classic jewelry piece.

Finally, there’s a sparkly cuff. Taylor loves all sorts of big cuff bracelets, but they’re usually sparkly to match her sparkly dresses. (Related: Sparkly Dresses like Taylor Swift & Sparkly Dresses for Women) This particular cuff really hones in on that grungey rock ‘n roll / country vibe that Taylor has. Plus, it’s girly!

Taylor Swift Jewelry

Taylor Swift Inspired Fearless Leather Cuff
Handmade from Dragonflykissjewelry on Etsy, HERE

Taylor Swift, hand stamped necklace
Handmade from KimRowland on Etsy, HERE

Heart Charm Necklace
From Foxy Originals, HERE

Blu Bijoux Silver Crystal Petal Cuff
From MaxandChloe.com, HERE

Sterling Silver Filigree Key Pendant, 18″
From Amazon.com, HERE

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