Shop Downtown Abbey Inspired Jewelry: NOT Art Deco, Guys!

If you love the romantic old world feel of Downton Abbey, then you most likely are not immune to the charm of the charms and assorted jewelry worn on the series. Of course, when PBS tried to launch their own line of Downton Abbey Inspired Jewelry, they were forced to shut it down because they didn’t have the appropriate copyrights. But that doesn’t stop you from finding similar jewelry looks. In fact, I’m here today to help you with that.

The first season of Downton Abbey starts when the Titantic sinks which is in 1912. The second season of the show spans the years 1916-1920.

What this means is that the jewelry on the show is of the Art Nouveau style, not Art Deco. Season 3 will start us off with Art Deco, though.

The Art Nouveau jewelry style featured themes of the female form and other natural, organic items like orchids, vines, peacocks, dragonflies, snakes, etc. There were also mythological creatures. Figures were very prominent, as was enamel work.

When World War I ended, the public became more serious. This is when the Art Deco style started. This is when jewelry became more simple and streamlined.


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downton abbey jewelry

Lady Sybil Crawley Cluster Pearl Earrings are like these:

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downton abbey jewelry

Lady Mary Crawley’s black choker necklace is like this:

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