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You can shop CC Skye Jewelry online at Spotlight Accessories, where there’s a huge selection of her jewelry. They are a great shopping destination for CC Skye Jewelry, and other top designers like

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Arriving in a cool white box with a black bow, inside the box is hot pink – for that extra special umph! Of course, the real treasure is the earrings. Which have been worn by starlet Vanessa Hudgens. They are called the “Large Gold Feather Earrings.”

And they hang down generously, which I love.There is great tonal value of the gold color, because these aren’t just flat. They have texture and they’re slightly concave from the back.

They’re deceptively simple. Because you can’t just find a pair of gold toned feather earrings and have t hem be this cool. The length, the design, the weight, everything is high-quality and has been thought out. These may look simple but you can wear them with anything and it elevates your look. They’re very boho chic.

Something I love about Spotlight Accessories is that they let you pay via paypal if you want, which a lot of sites still don’t offer!

The people I worked with were all very nice, and everything arrived very fast.

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Disclaimer: Sample given for honest review.

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