5 Rich Rocks Earrings Loved by Celebrities like Blake Lively

If you’re looking for glamorous jewelry that celebrities wear and love, look to Rich Rocks. The Gossip Girl actresses Leighton Meester and Blake Lively are both fans. As is Lindsay Lohan. (I know, I know, Lohan isn’t really worth a mention these days.) What’s ironic is that the pair of earrings that Lohan is wearing is probably my favorite of the five earrings pictured below. Let me know what you guys think by commenting with the name of your favorite Rich Rocks Earrings.

Blake Lively Jewelry: These are listed as some of her favorite earrings by Rich Rocks. They are larged, facted smoky dangles on french hooks.
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gossip girl jewelry

Leighton Meester Jewelry: Oversized Faceted Sapphire Crystal Dangles. It’s a whole lot of sapphire crystals!
It looks like these earrings are worn by Blair Waldorf for Gossip Girl season 5.
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blake lively jewelry

Blake Lively wears large citrine dangling earrings.

Lindsay Lohan Jewelry: She wears the Bohemian Double Disc Gold Earrings.

Lively, again, this time in Gunmetal Wire Double Teardrop Earrings. The double teardrop hoop pattern is something you can find from plenty of jewelers. These earrings scare me a bit in the close-up, they look like barbed wire. And believe me, you don’t want to get that kind of stuff messed up and caught in your hair!

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