Jersey Shore Jewelry: The 5 Pieces a Guido Girl Needs

There are five essential elements of Jersey Shore Jewelry you need to be the ultimate Guidette! Here we outline each pieces, and give you an example piece.

jersey shore jewelry

It’s time for some Jersey Shore jewelry!

jersey shore sunglasses

Sunglasses: The bigger the BETTER. And bling better be on them! Black is the best shade.Remember when Snooki bought those diamond sunglasses? Yea, don’t get THOSE. These are the VonZipper Prowler Sunglasses – –/Urban Gorilla Onyx: Click Here

jersey shore earrings

Large Hoop Earrings:You’ll see these on everyone from Snooki to JWoww to Sammi to Deena! This is the Blu Bijoux Hammered Hoop Earrings in Silver from Max and Chloe: Click Here

Bangle Bracelets:You’ll never see the former housemate Angelina without her bangles. Other girls like Sammi and Snooki also wear them. These are theĀ  Build A Bangle Collection bracelets by Beachcombers: Click Here

Belly Button Rings: JWOWW always rocks a great piece of bling around her midsection. She loves the dangle ones the most. These are the ultimate in Jwwow Jewelry: Angel Wing Dangles by Metal Mafia: Click Here

snooki jewelry

A Giant, Sparkly Ring: Snooki has been known to rock a giant vintage cluster ring of sparkles on her pointer finger, accented by some French Tips on her nails. And who doesn’t want a Snooki jewelry piece? This is the Beyond Rings Pink Luna Ring from Max and Chloe: Click Here

Also invest in a large watch and extra hoop earrings for when someone rips the first pair out of your ears – ouch!

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