Top 5 Pieces of Gara Danielle Jewelry

Never has boho glam been such a perfect descriptor for the jewelry I’m about to share with you guys.

Designer Spotlight on Gara Danielle Jewelry

Gara Danielle does some fabulous druzy rings in crazy rainbow colors and other bold gemstones. There are also pendants in darkly structured outlines (like a peace symbol or a moon.) A great collection of three similar wooden rings boasts oneĀ  with an emerald, one with a pearl and one with a turquoise. Can you guess which one I picked to share (because I thought it was prettiest?)

Clockwise from top left

Gara Danielle Rainbow Druzy Ring
This will steal the spotlight from any other pieces of jewelry you’re wearing, so wear some simple gold earrings and let the ring shine.
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From Max and Chloe, Link

Gara Danielle Victorian Wood and Turquoise Ring
This wooden ring is accented with a dash of turquoise, cubic zirconia, and some sterling silver and 14k gold plating. It’s said to be perfect for a medieval princess.
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From Max and Chloe, Link

Swirled Believe Inspiration Bracelet
Made with 14k gold plating, this looks artistic rather than hokey.
From Max and Chloe, Link

Gara Danielle Earrings Double Feather
These are 18k yellow gold feather earrings with rose cut diamonds. I can see Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) on Gossip Girl wearing these. They have the right boho glam spark.
From 25 park, Link

Chandelier Gara Danielle Earrings
Oxidized gold helps play up these chandelier earrings. They hang a whopping 4 inches down from your earlobe so they might be a teensy tiny bit heavy.
From 25 park, Link

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