Fireworks Jewelry that isn’t Hazardous, Just Pretty

Surprisingly, a lot of fireworks jewelry pieces you’ll see showcase not the brilliant colors of reds and purples and greens – but instead a golden yellow. One of the strongest themes here is the idea of a starburst pattern exploding.

Rather than collecting a bunch of patriotic red/white/blue jewelry that would likely look cheesy if you wore it on any day but the fourth of July (and even then…) I enjoyed shopping around for pieces created from the idea and inspiration that fireworks give to jewelry designers. For some, it’s about the constant dazzling display of light blooming and blooming. For some, it’s just about the shapes the energy creates. And for others it’s all about the way the lights fade from the sky. (Only to have another burst of energy trailing up! Sizzle BOOOOOOM! Hiiiiss.) Either way, they all pop.

Fireworks Jewelry

Clockwise from top right:

Zina Sterling Silver “Fireworks” Ring In Oxidized Sterling Silver
Price: $115.00
From: Endless, HERE

Fading Fireworks Necklace by Madewell
Price: $32.00
From: Madewell, HERE

Kate Spade New York Sweet Spot Short Necklace
Price: $295.00
From: Zappos Couture, HERE

Trendy 18K SWAROVSKI Hook Earrings, Fine Fireworks Jewelry
Price: $34.99
From: Dinnel, HERE

Fireworks Series Pendant Necklace -Double Sided
Price: $23.50
From: Handmade by Brave Turtle Creations on Etsy, HERE

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