Crystal Stud Earring Reviews – Rare Swarvorski Crystal Earrings by Breathe Couture

We found the best place to stock up on rare Swarvorski Crystal Earrings. These are not your Grandma’s crystal studs. These are multi-facted and colorful!

Jennifer Koning is the face behind the jewelry shop Breathe Couture. One of the specialties of her shop is rare, vintage Swarvorski Crystal Earring Studs.

Because I’d been calling so much attention to her great crystal rings, she insisted on sending along something for me to see in person. I was able to review these beauties:

Vintage Swarovski Crystal Earrings Silver Rainbow Top Seller Very Rare, CLICK (They made it to the front page of Etsy once.)

Description: These beautiful Very RARE Vintage Swarovski Crystal Stud Earrings go with everything! The silver/grey with a rainbow of colors radiating from the center. Beyond gorgeous! One of my top three favorite vintage Swarovski crystals! I only have a limited number of these that I’ve made. I use mainly rare vintage Swarovski crystals in my creations and as these are not made anymore they are very limited! Crystals are set in vintage silver plated ear posts. Earrings are 10mm diameter. Come in gift box. $20.00

Raves from customers who have bought these exact studs include praises like…

“LOVE these. I tore open the envelope & put them straight on. Perfect sparkly studs. Thank you!”

“Absolutely beautiful! My new favorite earrings – I wear them every day!! Thank you for a fabulous pair of earrings!”

And I must join the raves! I can see why people can so quickly get addicted to these crystal studs, they are so eye-catching, they’re a simple way to add something to any outfit, and there are so many different color combinations that you’ll want to get tons of different ones! That’s how I feel right now, oogling over the likes of the Neon Rainbow studs 11m (shown below) and the Yellow/Blue Rainbow Vintage studs.

The silver rainbow studs are mostly a wonderful silvery color, with a mid-point that is like a colorwheel!

rare swarovski crystal earrings

rare swarovski crystal earrings

Crystal Studs Reviews

At first, I thought that small studs, even crystals, were not necessarily a huge deal. They’re small, right? Well… when you take into consideration how much attention the colored crystals take… it’s actually a really nice, special piece of jewelry. Light works its magic, and these studs change colors and reflect enormous beauty. When I opened the box, I was very surprised by what a big impact these tiny studs could have! (And they’re not even that tiny, modest in size but not a pin prick. Meaning I won’t feel too flashy in wearing them to church or the grocery store.)

crrystal studs earrings reviews

I’d toyed with the idea of saving these to gift to one of my sisters for their birthday (I love to pass along wonderful, unique goodies to them so they think I’m cool), but after seeing these up-close I quickly pushed that idea away! I am keeping these for myself, for sure!

Now, of course not everything can be perfect. You can’t sleep in these studs, and it’s not advisable to shower with them on, either. They’re a tiny bit delicate like that.

Click to enlarge image.

I firmly do believe these would make great gifts, unique gifts, even. And aren’t we always looking for those? They come in a Tiffany blue colored box with a white ribbon. Sweet!

Jen is so nice, and she is constantly adding new things to her shop. (I’d seen the shop updated a few days ago, and already there’s more!) I’d never realized how cool the world of rare Swarvorski crystals could be, but now I see why she has devoted her shop to them. (And she has more than just studs, she has other sorts of earring styles, as well as rings, necklaces, sets, etc.)

Breathe Couture Trivia

  • If you order two pairs of crystal studs, one pair will ship free!
  • You are getting vintage Swarvorski! “Most pieces are made with at least 50% vintage or/and old stock/recycled materials which cannot be found anymore. You truly get something unique.”
  • The site reminds you, “Be blessed and always remember to take time to ~~Just Breathe~~!”
  • Koning donates 10% of sales to a non profit charity each month.
  • Koning resides in Canada! I am so glad she ships to places outside of her own Country! It can’t be easy to do all that shipping, but she does it.

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