5 Pieces of Coralia Leets Jewelry I Fell in Love With at First Sight

Rose quartz is always very pretty, and it’s especially beautiful set with glowing gold in this powerful Coralila Leets jewelry design. They’re graceful, but they don’t lack power! I also love that these are unique. There’s nothing standard here.

I’m not sure if I knew what Apatite was, but it’s clearly a beautiful clear blue stone! I love the way this Coralia Leets bracelet is so simple. It doesn’t need a ton of embellishment to be beautiful. I feel that way about my face, I don’t like to pile a ton of makeup on it. I have a nice skin complexion, and I don’t always need to feel as though I should cover it all up. Natural and simple can be the best there is.

One of the biggest thing people love are the Coralila Leets Druzy Earrings, so I had to include a pair of those. I picked some white drusy studs set in gold plating. They shimmer nonstop!

Coralila Leets Jewelry

All available from Max and Chloe

Shown clockwise from top left

Coralia Leets Rose Quartz Charm Hoop Earrings, here

Coralia Leets White Druzy Stud Earrings, here

Coralia Leets Apatite Floating Stone Bracelet, here

Coralia Leets Druzy Earings: Purple Quartz Charm Hoops, here

Smokey Topaz Double Drop Earrings, here

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