5 Stylish Friendship Bracelets We Love!

Don’t be reckless about your friendships, let them know how you feel by giving them a stylish friendship bracelet!

Our favorite way to do friendship bracelets is to take the same bracelet and do it in different colors. All having the exact same bracelet (colors and all) is far too matchy-matchy.

You can pin these on pinterest to remind yourself that having slightly-matching jewelry with your bffs is totally cool. You can change them every month or season, based on what you guys are into the – gold, charms, bright colors…etc.

  1. Tuleste Market Purple Woven Marble Bracelet in PurpleĀ 
  2. Or in Orange
  3. Jacqueline Pinto Amethyst Love Charm Bracelet – available in 3 colors, from Max and Chloe, CLICK
  4. Lauren G. Adams Rhodium Enamel Heart Charm Bangle – available in 4 colors, from Max and Chloe, CLICK

5. Floral Pinterest Friendship Bracelets From Pono Jewelry

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