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Ring Ring Fun!

Unique Ring Boxes with Polished Gemstones!

Quite a fancy trio, aren’t they?

A trio of unique ring boxes.

This is the Precioso Box Collection from You can easily store rings or tiny pairs of earrings inside these ad hoc ring boxes. You’ll feel safe knowing they’re tucked away in little places like this, rather than strewn around loose in a big jewelry box.

These particular boxes are handmade, with gemstones (citrine, amethyst, crystal) and gold le

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Jewelry Blog – Try Scented Rings!

Try scented jewelry for a fun spin on rings! These scented rings from Tiny Hands are completely whimsical and cute! If you like scented lip balms and lotions, you might really love scented jewelry like this. Just make sure you like the “food scent” you pick. Chocolate scents might be hard to bear, but fruit scents are likely going to smell pretty accurate to the real thing!

You’ll find them all on Tiny Hands Ring Section. These are all food rings.

Chocolate nut doughnut ring

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How to Make a Silver Ring from Old Quarters!

Did you know quarters made before 1964 are made with pure silver? Using a spoon, a drill, and a metal file, you can turn those quarters into a nice silver band.

Basically you tap on the quarter itself until it forms a ring then you drill out the inside.  Pretty neat way to make a ring, all from quarters!

via instructables


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How to Make a Hex Coin Ring!

We’ve featured a post on how to make a coin ring before, here’s another great article showing you how to make a hex coin ring out of coins of course.

Step 1. This whole process can be done with a hammer, an anvil, and a 3/8″ bolt and nut. A more complete list of tools are as follows: Hammer, Anvil, 3/8″ bolt/nut, Drill bit or uni-bit or dremel, 220 grit sandpaper, silver polish compound, drill

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The iRing for the iPod

Screen shot 2009-10-27 at 12.56.53 PM

This is the latest accessory for the iPod. It’s called the iRing and it comes with Bluetooth connectivity which can be synchronized to the iPod and even the iPhone, allowing you to take control of it. The iRing features touch sensitive strips that lets you playback or adjust the volume of any of your Apple media. The iRing has a rechargeable battery and cradle. The battery actually lasts 2 days.


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New Zealand’s Very Own Lord Of The Ring

What a delightful story this is. You’d think it’s straight out of the movie script.

They called this New Zealand man the Lord of The Rings. Aleki Taumoepeau, an ecologist by profession, has been searching for the wedding ring he lost 16 months ago, working at the city’s harbor. He claimed that he saw something glowing at the sea floor one time and when he went to check it out, he discovered that it was the ring he lost. He had been married for only three months when he lost his ring.

“I couldn’t believe that I could see the ring so perfectly,

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A Collection of Mystical Seahorse Rings

When I was younger I was both enthralled and terrified by seahorses. Not that I came into close contact with them often. I would catch the occasional educational Reading Rainbow episode that would point out how the male horses were the ones who got pregnant, I’d see them in books, and I’d see them at the zoo.

In the large and eerily dark aquarium house at the local zoo, there was a tall glass case that stood apart from the others. Inside were the magical seahorses, clinging to plants with their curly tales. Up close, the seahorses looked ancient, covered in bumps. Watchin

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The Daring and Dazzling Rings of Solange Azagury-Partridge

I’m very interested in the design work that Solange Azagury-Partridge does, and I bet you will be too once you take a look. Her websites sums up her style as: London based funky fine jewellery. Sounds good to me!

Some people might tell you that something like jewelery can’t be art. But they’d have to re-examine that statement after looking at the eye-popping artwork done in Partridge’s jewelry design.

“Continually challenging cliche’s and conventions, exploring materials and

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The Most Popular Jewelry from Sex and the City

Charlotte’s Engagement Ring.jpg

Charlotte’s Engagement Ring

Charlotte’s second engagement ring was a 5 carat diamond ring cut in an emerald shape. It was modeled after the ring given to Elizabeth Taylor but Richard Burton.

Carrie’s Pretzel Necklace

Who knew women wanted to wear snacks? Turns out, we do! We really, really do. Carrie Bradshaw’s pretzel necklace made people go crazy with

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Bright Pink Handmade Fabric Ring

Bright Pink Handmade Fabric Ring.jpg

First impressions: Can I pull this fabulous ring off?

The ring is made of: Silver embellishment, vintage button

Available size(s): Adjustable

Your desired details: Made from a vintage fabric button! Who knew? I suspect the shirt/blouse was ugly, but the button on its own is cute.

Celebrity inspiration: Mariah Carey

Price and Where to Buy: $10.00 at

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