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3 of the prettiest rings for the top of your fingers

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Rings for the top of your fingers are also called “knuckle rings” or “midi rings.” Whatever you call them, they’re a hot trendy right now. And even I like them! (I’m hesitant about a lot of trends.)

Rings for the top of your fingers – Midi and Knuckle Rings

I love bows. BOWS, BOWS, EVERYWHERE BOWS. Bows on your toes, if you want. (But don’t want that.)

Bow Knuckle Ring Cost: $5.00 From: Etsy,

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Valentine’s Day rings for her – Show your love with hearts and knots, even…an egg?

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Listen, I’ve just decided that I am all for people buying themselves jewelry on Valentine’s Day if they want to. I loved shopping on Max and Chloe for these looks… but I also have a target audience here. It’s for anyone trying to buy a significant other a Valentine’s Day ring that’s not for an engagement, but should still be nice. That’s why I went with Max and Chloe. Everything and anything you get from there will arrive nicely, and it’s a good store where you can’t go wrong because their buyers are just so damn smart about what they ch

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Gold Alternatives for Jewelry – what we recommend

Learn why we recommend gold filled jewelry over any other kind of gold alternatives!

If you don’t want to go for pure gold jewelry pieces, there are alternatives we can recommend. Let’s discuss gold overlay jewelry to see what you should avoid and what you should seek out.

Gold Alternatives – Gold Overlay Jewelry Options

    Nolan Swarovski Heart Ring from Max and Chloe, CLICK

Gold Plat

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CLASSIC Engagement Ring Settings Styles – complete guide

Let’s explore some (engagement) ring settings styles – but not just the common ones.

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A four or six prong ring setting is popular and classic. The more prongs you have, the safer your gemstone is set. You don’t want too many prongs (the tips hold the stone in place) so that it hides the stone. You also don’t want any prongs to come loose. If one ever does, you must get it fixed or

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UNIQUE Engagement Ring Settings Styles – guide

Let’s look at some unique engagement ring settings and styles. These are all simple, (some are modern) and streamlined.

(There are also engagement ring settings types with three stones or side stones.)


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Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring,

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Advice: What’s the Best Type of Wedding Band?

When you are getting married, you want the best of everything. After all, you waited a long time to find the best groom or bride! When it comes to the wedding ring (or wedding band) it makes complete sense that you’d want to be particular. You will be wearing this ring an awful lot!

The Basics on What You Need in a Wedding Band

Obviously you want a wedding band that you aesthetically like, that is gold or platinum so it’ll be tough, and that is comfortable and fitted to your finger. Those are three “duh” things about the ring. But when it comes

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