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4 ugly Midi Rings you do NOT want to wear

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As cool as trendy midi rings are. Wearing an ugly one that makes your fingers look fat? Not good. And these knuckle ring styles are tough for all these Etsy sellers to make well because your fingers are not uniform in shape or size. Look for a more expensive option, meaning the seller took more time and put more work into the ring. Or, just go to Forever 21. Meanwhile, here’s the midi rings to avoid…

BAD Midi Rings

Oh, hell no.

Part 2: How…attractive?

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Weird and Cool Rings – A Mouse, an Elephant and …an Evil Eye!

weird rings fairytale teacups wacky handmade etsy women's tea fairy

Sometimes, you want to do anything but be a wallpaper. Sometimes (even me, the introvert) you just want to STAND OUT. Weird accessories can always help you do this, and they’re better than buying a floor-length ballgown made out of salt water taffy.

Mouse Ring
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Black Cat Rings: Me-OW! Be a fierce kitty

black cat ring

There’s a reason so many of us gals like to be black cats for Halloween. It’s… well, because cats are AWESOME. And we all have a … um… unique feminine, feline mystique… uh….. right? UM. Okay, I’ll admit that I’m not entirely sure why it is we all gravitate to cats. Maybe because the idea of being a bunny or mouse just seems too sexual (with the Playboy references) or juvenile. So, cat!

But in truth, we don’t need the occasion of Halloween to rock black cat jewelry. There’s actually a lot of cool cat rings out there, ev

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Funky Rings from The Harbinger Co – Harry Potter jewelry just got chic

Sometimes you don’t want to be traditional. And I hear ya on that. Standing out and showing your personality through style is what it’s all about. And every day means you can basically be a new person. One day you might be looking glamorous …feeling like a Kardashian, and the next day you might decide to harness the vibe of a Kate Bosworth being boho at Coachella. Anyway, this is all about a lead-in to explain that I found some really funky, FAR OUT, rings. They’re from “The Harbinger Co.” And while they have loads of another goodies to explore, we’

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Unique Wedding Ring Sets – What does your beloved’s voice sound like as art?

What does the sound of your significant other’s voice sound like…as art? Find out!

Japanese artist and jewelry designer Sakurako Shimizu has created very unique jewelry based on sound waves.

“Waveform Series” consists of laser-cut shapes of various sounds, rendered in silver, gold or other precious metal and presented as wearable jewelry.

Human expressions such as yawn, sneeze, or giggle were used for earlier pieces. “Bell” is a silver cuff bracelet adorned with a waveform of church bell.

How does this sort of ring get

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The 5 Philip Sajet Rings you must see! (Designer Spotlight)

It was surprisingly easy for me to pick which five Philip Sajet Rings I wanted to spotlight here. There are, of course, more that I like… but I knew which five helped display what he did along with being what I think are the most aesthetically striking. In fact, the most difficult thing seemed to be spelling “Philip” properly… why do I keep trying to type it “Phillip”?

About Philip Sajet

He is a jewelry designer that uses very geometric, exaggerated forms for jewels that are created from unusual materials. He doesn’t seem do anything

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Cathy Waterman Rings – See the Best Pieces!

If you like the Disney fairytale princesses that have birds flying around their arms and silky hair strewn with flowers, you’ll love these rings. Cathy Waterman works a lot of pink tourmaline into her rings, as well as diamonds, sapphires, and amethysts.There’s also a distinct aura of nature here, with leaf and flower elements.

There are a couple unique engagement rings and unique wedding bands here. If that’s your thing, make sure to check these out!

Cathy Waterman rings are sold at Ylang 23 and Barney’s.

Cathy Waterman Rings – blu

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Kendall Jenner Style – Jewelry Blog – Celebrity Rings

Kendall Jenner picked up a couple tiny pave heart rings to wear at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards.

They were Ista Jewelry’s Heart ring in 18-karat yellow gold and black diamonds ($650) and the Ista Jewelry Heart ring in 18-karat yellow gold with brown diamonds ($580).

1/2 Carat Brown Diamond and White Diamond 14K White Gold Heart Ring

To get a similar look to this Kendall Jenner jewelry look at the

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Evil Queen Jewelry – Wicked!

Check out this collection of evil queen jewelry based on both the Disney and ABC character of the evil queen (also known as Regina Mills on Once Upon a Time.)

Evil Queen Jewelry from the Etsy shop Cissy Pixie, CLICK

Evil Queen’s Magical Items Necklace (Once Upon a Time inspired) from the Etsy shop Cissy Pixie,

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Titanium Tension Wedding Rings we like

If you want a contemporary wedding ring set, look into titanium tension wedding rings. Below are five different pairs that you might like.

Set in the engagement band can be any gemstone, including a diamond.

A tension setting for a gemstone is a very modern style for an engagement ring.

New Infinity His and Hers Tension Set Titanium Wedding Rings from the Etsy shop Renaissance Jewelry (Fine Alternative Metal Jewelry), CLICK

New Sterlin

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