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Unique Wedding Ring Sets – What does your beloved’s voice sound like as art?

What does the sound of your significant other’s voice sound like…as art? Find out!

Japanese artist and jewelry designer Sakurako Shimizu has created very unique jewelry based on sound waves.

“Waveform Series” consists of laser-cut shapes of various sounds, rendered in silver, gold or other precious metal and presented as wearable jewelry.

Human expressions such as yawn, sneeze, or giggle were used for earlier pieces. “Bell” is a silver cuff bracelet adorned with a waveform of church bell.

How does this sort of ring get

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Mengagement Rings – We Even Like Some! (Mangagement Rings)

Mengagement or mangagement, whatever you call it: engagement rings for men are happening. Whether or not the woman proposed, sometimes a man wants his own fancy engagement ring to flaunt. Here at this ring blog, we don’t discriminate.

Check out these men’s engagement rings and see what you think.

    Platinum Designer Bar Set Solitaire Engagement Ring from James Allen, CLICK

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5 Citrine Rings for Men that are Masculine

Men’s rings are not my favorite thing, but I figure you gents deserve some guidance about your birthstone ring. So, it’s time to talk about citrine rings for men. White or Yellow gold are both fair game.

Citrine Rings for Men

Clockwise from top left

14K White Gold Oval Genuine Citrine Men’s Men’s Ring by Jewels For Me from Amazon, link to purchase Similar: Men’s R

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Diamond Chip Rings Give you the Right Amount of Dazzle

diamond chip rings

You know how they say you can’t stop at just one chip? It’s true. Especially when it comes to diamond chips. Once you see the power (and low price) that a sparkling diamond chip gives to a ring, you’ll want to buy them all.

The rings below have 2 for females, 1 for men, and one that seems fairly unisex (the cross.) They’re all pretty chunky, large rings. If I had to pick a favorite I’d probably settle on the star ring. What about you?

Diamond Chip Rings

Sterling Silver Diamond Chip-accented Star Ring from Amazon,

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5 Cool Opal and Onyx Rings for Sale

The ring that inspired this opal and onyx rings post is the one by Dajhan. This is when I realized that the contrast of a shimmery opal and matte black onyx is stunning.

So, that first ring is gorgeous, obviously. Let me point out the diamond frame around the prong set onyx slab. It’s edgy and cool, yea? The next ring has the same idea, but it plays as romantic. It’s actually a vintage Avon ring, if you can believe it. A Victorian antique ring of opal and onyx provides some more rich history.

There’s a handmade ring with the title of “Volcano” tha

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Men’s Wedding Bands Under 100!

Hello frugal men! Don’t fret if you want to be cheap about your wedding bands. You can! We have five examples of men’s wedding bands for under 100 dollars, in five different styles. Whether you want something polished and serious, or rugged and whimsical – you’ll find something for you.

Men’s Wedding Bands Under 100

Clockwise from top right:

For the rugged-but-polished guy try the 10mm Tungsten Black Carbon Fiber Mens Wedding Band from Amazon (

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Wedding Rings Under 100 Dollars that Look Expensive but Aren’t

It can be expensive to get married, and while you don’t want to skimp on your wedding rings – you certainly can find sales and deals! Here, I’m showcasing six wedding rings under 100 dollars.

Here’s our first three Wedding Bands:

14K White Gold Men’s & Women’s Wedding Bands 2mm flat light from Amazon, HERE. This timeless and simple ring is on sale for $81.00.

Skewing t

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Lapis Lazuli Rings for Men: 5 That’ll Make Him Proud

To be a true man of style, you have to know how to accessorize. But there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the colors that you feel best represent you. So, take blue. And in taking blue, ditch the predictable sapphire and try the Lapis Lazuli. This deep blue opaque gem is often flecked with gold notes that up the shine factor.

Lapis Lazuli properties include: harmony in friendships and an encouragement of truth. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to just wave up your hand and say, “but honey, I’m clearly not lying!” but it can’t hurt.


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Emerald Rings for Men: Five that We Love

As the May birthstone is emerald, it seems like an appropriate time to talk about emerald rings. And, let’s be honest, we could stand to cover men’s rings a little bit more on this jewelry blog. So, add that all together and what do you get? This is a post about emerald rings for men. Whether you were born in May or not, emerald might be the right gemstone for you. Green is a positive color, after all.

The first ring is Celtic, and it’s definitely my favorite. My second favorite is the last ring. But make sure to consider the metal you want, as well as the design.

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Men’s sterling silver band ring, ‘Forest Vines’

Do you feel at one with nature? Men’s rings of silver are not hard to come by, but this one was handmade by Renato Peres of Brazil. It is a design that celebrates nature and has a halo of bands made of Brazilian jacaranda wood. Liana vines are covering the ring edges for special omph. I may not know what these types of vines are, specifically, but I do know they’re pretty!  It’s a nice, subtle touch that makes this ring stand out. Find it at Novica:

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