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Cinderella Wedding Ring Set | And how to know if Cinderella is right Disney princess for your bride

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Let’s talk about fairytale engagement rings! Specifically, one of the first princesses…Cinderella. (Or Cinderelly.)

“High above Oh, sing sweet nightingale Sing sweet nightingale, high Oh, sing sweet nightingale” – Cinderella

Cinderella Engagement Ring

Above, you see a very popular Cinderella Engagement Ring. (It is not an official one.) It features a cushion cut blue topaz, round aquamarine stones AND round whit sapphire stones. The metal is 18k white gold – a very h

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Fox Rings – Sly Silver and Gold

fox rings

Suddenly, and without warning, I am all about foxes. Specifically, red foxes. Even more specifically, the “Vulpes Vulpes” in Latin. Now, we don’t need to know the Latin…but when a name is THAT cute and funny, I think we should at least give it a nod of the head. So, nodding to “Vulpes Vulpes” and the crazy Latin language (of which all of our language is derived, or something, blah blah) we move along!

I guess I know why I suddenly love foxes. I saw one. Well, two. And they were super sweet and reminded me of friendly dogs. Of course, we don’t

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13 best pieces of Jamie Cassavoy Jewelry you MUST see!

Jamie Cassavoy sells jewelry under the label “Cassavoy & Company.” The tagline is so spot-on: “By nature, handmade for you.” You can so clearly see the CRAFT work in the jewelry, jut as you can see the influence of nature. I immediately fell in love with almost every piece. But I settled on my very favorite. First I tried to contain it to ten pieces. But I expanded this to 13 because … well, look! It’s just all so beautiful and romantic and fairyland-ish. That’s totally my thing. Now the question becomes…is it also yours?

Learn more ab

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The most gorgeous rose rings ever! | Jenny Sueyoun Kim designs

rose rings

Wake up and smell the beauty! Okay guys, are you ready for the most beautiful rose rings you’ve ever seen? Because the bar is high! You’re ready? You are? And you’re sure? Super sure? And you just want me to get on with it? Heh. Well! Then it’s time to look at The Etsy shop JennyKim.  Because it is from that shop that artistic jewelry mistress, Jenny Kim, sells her hand-sculpted  original jewelry that is adorned with beautiful floral motifs.

It was just happenstance that cause

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Unusual Naomi Gray Rings with Words – Pinterest Rings

You might think the shapes of these rings represent bubbles or beads, but they’re puffs of gold.

The Naomi Gray Rings featured here are five amazing yellow gold rings that can be worn alone or mixed together for more of a statement. We think the words they spell out are so fun, although the longer words can be a bit more hard to decipher. Let’s see what you think!

Naomi Gray Rings we love:

Naomi Gray Ring

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Unique Fine Jewelry – Rings from Italy Designer Arosha

Arosha Luigi Taglia designs fine jewelry from Italy. We’re so taken with his work that we’re doing another post on some of the fun rings he offers. His jewelry aesthetic speaks to those who like modern and contemporary looks. He does a lot of unique gold rings for women.

Unique Fine Jewelry Rings Pearl and Sterling Silver Ring, CLICK GOLDEN LAKE Aquamarine Ring, 14k gold and sterling silver ring,

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5 Casual Rings for Daytime Style Looks

If you’re a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills you pretty much wear crazy extravagant diamond rings all the time. But for most of us, a casual ring for daytime or the weekend means it’s simple, inexpensive, and will match whatever you’re wearing. Additionally, it doesn’t steal too much attention from a look, so you don’t have to compete with it. Look for simple sterling silver or gold rings. A great detail can include a matte finish or a hammered finish.

Casual Rings

Page Sargisson Classic Circle Ring 10k Yellow Gold From Max and Chloe,

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Morganite Jewelry: About This Gemstone and its Properties

Get to know one of the overlooked gemstones – pale pink morganite!

About Morganite

This is a softly colored pink gemstone.

Morganite Properties

Like all pink gemstones, this is a stone about love. It deals with your heart chakra. This gemstone of divine love opens up your heart. It promotes love in your life while helping you trust others, and have them trust you in return. It’s all about abundant love and trust.

Morganite Healing Properties

It is said to help relieve stress, and reduce problems with asthma and the lungs and heart.

Morganite Hard

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5 Best Swirl Rings for Women

Have a hankering to take a spin, or a swirl? Why not wear a splendid swirl on your finger? There’s an awfully lot of different ways to show a swirl pattern for jewelry, so what’s your fancy?

Swirl Rings for Women

Sterling Silver Flawless Quality Designer Swirl Ring, 7/8″ (23mm) wide Sabrina Silver from Amazon, Link

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5 Best Snowflake Rings in White Gold

Now that the first dusting of snow has fallen, it make me start to think bout the intricacies of individual snowflakes.

Naturally, white gold is the obvious metal choice to pair with a snowflake themed ring. That or platinum or silver. But here I’m focusing on snowflake rings with white gold. There is a wide variety here in prices, shapes and designers.

Snowflake Rings White Gold

Snowflake Ring Round Blue Topaz 14K White Gold Ring with Diamond Related: Topaz Rings, Snowflake Rings From Gemvara,

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