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Pink Diamond Went for $10.8M

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Does this ring look like ten million bucks to you? Because that’s how much it fetched during an auction in Hong Kong last week. The ring is featured with a vivid pink diamond of 5 carats and is considered near perfect.

Its sale is far the highest on record, smashing even the record of that pink diamond sold in Geneva some 15 years ago for $2.2M.

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Rare 5 Carat Pink Diamond For Auction

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This very rare pink diamond, all 5 carats of it, will be set for auction at Christie’s by jeweller, Graff. The ring is currently displayed in New York and will be auctioned off in Hong Kong on the 1st of December there. The site was chosen because Christie notes that the dollar market is more improved there.

The diamond, mined from South Africa, is expected to fetch around $1M per carat.

This video has more details about the diamond for auction:

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