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Midnight Quartz Ring

I feel as though there is something so sinister about this quartz ring. It’s midnight shade is very enchanting and set in a carved bamboo band, the ring looks antiqued and old, overall. It’s as if the ring has been kept in a treasure box for years.

Bronze metal. Carved bamboo motif. Cabochon midnight quartz. Face, 1″ diameter. Made in USA of imported material.

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To22 Ring – Perfectly Round?

Wow, check out this really “round” ring.

To22 created something nearly perfect. A continuous ring, delicately proportioned, beautifully polished and seemingly flawless. There is only one tiny imperfection. A speck, no larger than a piece of dust. At a glance, it is barely noticeable. Upon close examination, it appears intentional and more clearly defined. Only magnification reveals the actual object set within the miniature interior. It is a model of the known universe. Inspired by the writing of Stephen Hawking and loosely base

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