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5 Hipster Rings by B/C Designs | Jewelry Blog

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Do I hate hipsters? No. I don’t hate people for such broad reasons. I try not to hate. Although it’s really hard for me to not hate Tonya Harding, even after all these years. (She never went to jail for a day. NOT A DAY. That is gross to me.)

The fundamental question of 2013: WHAT IS A HIPSTER?

It’s a catch-22. Hipsters defy classification. But if you really try, you can identify some common traits. They are free-spirited and open-minded. This is interpreted in embracing fashion, but in a “I don’t care what anyone else thinks” type of what.

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5 Interesting Rings – What We Love Now

interesting rings

Sometimes you want to stand out as the star, and have all eyes on you. We don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, we want to help you get there. Try having one truly “wow” ring and everyone will turn their head to see you and your great style. Below are five really interesting rings for sale that we love.

Interesting Rings

Roberta Chiarella Gold Plated Crystal Druzy Ring Always interesting and unusual are rings by Roberta Chiarella! Related: Rings under 100 dollars, Druzy Rings From Max and Chloe,

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Two Finger Ring with Flower Vine

two finger rings


Everybody loves the trend of two finger rings. Do you have yours yet?

If you know where it’s at, then you’re sporting a two ringer ring. I prefer the daintier versions, and this one is perfect because it has some sparkly to get the delicate frame noticed. It’s made with 14k rose gold and diamonds. If you love nature, then why not take it with you wherever you go?

Find this and other two finger rings at

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Studded double ring by MARIA FRANCESCA PEPE

studded ring

Don’t get in a fight with this Maria Francesca Pepe ring on!

This studded ring is also a two finger ring, and it could probably pack a powerful punch. It’s made of what looks like polished sterling silver but is actually silver plated brass.

Find this ring online at Far Fetch: Here

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Two Finger Flower Ring by Rachel Roy

rachel roy rings

It’s hard not to love the bold designs of Rachel Roy rings, and this one is no exception.  This is a find for rings under 50 dollars. It’s a two finger ring with three black flowers, black metal and gold spiked blowers, whatever those are! Find this flower ring at Rachel Roy: Here

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The Most Powerful Ring: OBEY

most powerful ring

This is a two finger ring that is etched with the single, powerful word: OBEY. Ha! This is a brass ring with silver plating. So it does appear silver. There are pyramid studs. The font for the text is modern and simple.

For this two finger ring visit The Giant Peach: Here

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Custom Knuckle Duster Rings

knuckle duster rings

So, you’re in the market for a knuckle duster ring but don’t know what you’d like it to say? Why not just custom order one to say exactly what you want? You can use a cute phrase like “pretty young thing” or your name/nickname, or maybe your hometown. You could even get one made of your twitter handle. Talk about viral marketing.

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Rock Paper Scissors Ring

rock paper scissors ring

I’m sure you’re familiar with the game of rock paper scissors. after all – it’s easy enough to play. This is a cool two finger ring that is made with three shapes: fingers in the shape of doing each of the three motions. You can buy this unusual ring at Ebay. Rock paper scissors jewelry is undeniably quirky and cool. 

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Pyramid Eyes Ring for Two Fingers (Weird for sure)

Several elements make this a weird ring! There’s two golden pyramids which each feature an eye. The ring itself is a two finger ring, with a very simple bar that gets tucked under your fingers. Is it comfortable? Probably not. Is it cool? That’s up to you to decide. Do you want to be the girl with the weird pyramid eye ring? You tell me! This weird two finger ring is by Ambush Design. Click Here to See Details.

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Impressive Two Finger Hippo Ring

hippo rings

I like to think of hippos as cute little guys, but on this two finger ring, the hippo is angry! Raaawr! It should come with a sound effects button, but I bet you can provide the noise needed. This is a handmade sterling silver and resin ring made by Haoshi X Rings.

Check out this ferocious hippo ring at Haoshi X Rings.

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