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Look at these 5 Fun Animal Rings and try not to be amazed by the last one

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There’s almost nothing I love more than animals. But, high on the list, is also jewelry. So, animal jewelry is kind of a perfect match for me. And, I’m guessing that it might just be the same for you. After all, who can resist the allure of a mysterious tiger or a pretty bird? So, below I’m showing you a variety of fun animal rings at several price points. Enjoy looking!

Fun Animal Rings

SABRINA DEHOFF ‘Fox’ plates ring
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Unusual Animal Rings by Haoshi X Rings

unusual animal rings

Ready for the addition of a cool animal to your life? Then you must check out these animal rings by Haoshi X Rings. They are made of metal and resin. They animals represent human emotions.

There is Bucks the buck deer who loves Rae the deer. Then there is the pig ring aka Big Pig ring who wants a hut in Bali. There’s a cat ring of a cat who cannot be restricted or tamed, a giraffe ring, polar bear ring, rabbit ring, sheep ring, tiger ring and wolf ring.

Check out these unusual

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Jardin gold leaf tiger resin dome ring

Tiger rings and dome rings are great, so they make a perfect marriage in this ring. Available in black and gold or black and silver. “Carved tiger design with 24k gold leaf.” Via Bluefly


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