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Giant Red Coral Sterling Silver Ring!

If you have been looking for a nice little coral ring, look no further as this giant red coral ring will satisfy most of your red dresses.

A rare huge high-grade coral shows off its distinctive and outstanding deep orange-red color in this stunning sterling silver ring. Bold and simple, its vivid color pops out to highlight any ensemble.

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Sterling Silver Harley Davidson Ring!

If you are a Harley owner, you are in luck as this Harley Davidson sterling silver ring will make you look extra tough and harley.



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Beer/Soda Can Sterling Silver Ring!

Made from real beer and soda cans, these Beer/Soda Can Sterling Silver Rings WILL make you look extra cool.

These unisex rings are made of sterling silver and real beer or soda cans (personally emptied by Dana Roth or a close friend). The aluminum is secured to the jewelry with sterling rivets and protected from damage by overhanging ledges. 3/8″ wide. Made in Vermont.

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Seashore Sterling Silver Ring!

Check out this simple yet effective Seashore ring that serves two purposes.  The first purpose is to wrap your empty fingers and second is that it looks like part of a handcuff, meaning you will really get “chained” by wearing this cool ring.

Pebble Section – A 2mm thick ring in sterling silver

I found a most gorgeous pebble and loved its outline shape. So I drew the shape, made it into a ring and then grain set THREE 1.5mm round sparkly diamonds on the top.


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When you have Faith Ring!

This “When you have faith” Ring will give you inspiration inside, “Everything is possible.”

Sterling Silver Ring from Far Fetched Studio. Available in whole sizes only, sizes 6, 7 and 8. Comes boxed in a black velvet pouch, perfect for gift-giving. Band width measures 3/16th of an inch.

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Analogue Sterling Silver Ring with built-in Microphone!

Check out this funky, futuristic ring which reminds me of an electric shaver or some sort of communcation device from the future.

Sterling silver ring with built-in microphone that works! Crafted by hand, this sturdy angular ring has a mirror shine finish toped off with a brush treated perforated aluminum lid. Looks fantastic when used as a microphone or in standby mode as jewellery.

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Dichroic Glass Sterling Silver Ring!

Here’s a cool dichoroic glass based ring that will change colors based on light and how you wear it, sorta simliar to those mood rings.

A bluey/green dichroic glass cabochon that shifts colour depending on the light and which way around the ring is worn.

The cabochon has been tube riveted to the sterling silver band of the ring.

The size of the cabochon is 12mm (1.2cm) and 20mm(2cm) across.

The size of the ring is

British K 1/2 US 5 3/8

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Web-Exclusive Fiber Optic Goddess Sterling Silver Ring!

I don’t know what a fiber optic goddess is but here’s a Fiber Optic Goddess Sterling Silver Ring that supposedly carved the face of a goddess in fiber optic.

Glowing Blue Fiber Optic 18x25mm goddess face is hand carved and set into Sterling Silver. The back of the ring is open and slightly adjustable.

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Anti-Snore Ring!

Here’s a cool Anti-snore ring that can stop your snoring by wearing it on your pinky.

AntiSnor is the latest, natural, drug free answer to the relief from snoring. This Sterling Silver ring is worn on the small finger of the left hand while sleeping and works by acupressure.

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Sterling Silver Ring with Decorative Gold

Check out this sterling silver ring with decorative gold chopsticks and gems.

Hand Finished and Hammered Sterling Silver with 14K Gold Bezels and Bars

Peridot, Amethyst and Sapphire Stones

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